Fuck normality

Tomorrow is another day, another day to fight again

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she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts

she’s cheer captain and I respect her right to wear whatever she wants and participate in traditionally ‘feminine’ activities because I understand that life is not about condemning another woman’s personal choices just because she doesn’t ‘deserve’ the boy i have a crush on

that’s incorrect, the correct lyrics are “and I’m on the bleachers”

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I’m the type that loves clingy. You can’t sleep at 3 am, maybe 4? That’s okay, call me. I don’t mind if you wake me up. You’re never annoying to me, no matter how many times you call or text me. I love it. I love that you care so much.

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What if 5sos made an EP of all unreleased songs
All I Need
Heartbreak For Two
The Perfect Disguise
Everything I Want
Over and Over
I’ve Got This Friend

I seriously need studio versions of all of these

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For those that care:

Those of you that know understand why today is kinds shity. For those of you that don’t, a year ago today my fiance lost his battle with leukaemia.
I fell apart in every sense of the word, but I’m still here. 365 days later and I’m still breathing. Still smiling, or at least trying to. Still living. And even that is an achievement.

We were so close to having it all but life isn’t fair sometimes. All the tears and the pain was worth it to have had him, even just for a little while.

Thank you for putting up with me guys. It’s been a long journey to this point and you’ve been helping every step of the way. You know who you are. I love you guys.

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we are starving


"oh my GOd there are TWO gay characters in this movie lets watch it"

"dude dude dude we have to see it it has a queer girl

"I heard this movie has non-sexualized female character”

"ok I know it only has one girl but she is written like an ACTUAL PERSON!!"


"so its not canon but if you squint I think this character is asexual”

"and get this the gay character is actually not white

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Status of the 5SOSFam

Michael Girls:
dead as of July 24/25, 2014 when Michael got his eyebrow piercing
Luke Girls:
dead as of June 26, 2014 when the album was up on tumblr and Luke's vocals at the end of Eighteen was heard
Calum Girls:
alive but slowly dying as Calum gets more and more tattoos
Ashton Girls:
alive but on life support as the holes in Ashton's shirts increase in number and size
The Fam In General:
barely holding on as "soon" has come and past and the boys are getting bigger and living their dreams